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Perry and Price Are Right: They Really COULD Do Their Brand of Emergency Broadcasting from Albania

Hawaii News Now reports "live" from the Big Island;  1500 AM on Oahu delivered the goods on Iselle with the HNN simulcast. Honolulu’s designated emergency broadcaster, KSSK, did what it said it would do – move its market-leading broadcast personalities to Las Vegas the day before Hurricane Iselle was expected to hit the islands. You can read about that decision here . In so many respects, KSSK’s emergency broadcast role in August 2014 mirrors how the station performed after the October 2006 Big Island earthquakes ( here , and  here ), how it performed after the December 2008 island-wide power outage and on other occasions, most of which are chronicled at CHORE (such as here , here ,   here and here ). In a nutshell, there’s nothing in KSSK’s approach to emergency broadcasting to suggest it knows how to respect the emergency. And here’s the proof: KSSK’s 7:30 a.m. Newscast on August 8, 2014 – about five hours after Hurricane Iselle arrived on the Big

Honolulu's Dynamic Radio Duo Will Ride Out Hurricanes in Vegas. How's THAT for a Commitment to Public Service?

Perry and Price, here today and gone to -- not Maui tomorrow-- but to Vegas.  (Think George W. flying over New Orleans and looking down on Katrina damage.) I WOULD NOT HAVE BELIEVED IT IF I HADN'T HEARD IT WITH MY OWN TWO EARS. Two major storms have Hawaii in their sights, and both will arrive as hurricanes or tropical storms in our first week of visiting Eric and our grandkids. That's not the almost unbelievable fact, though. Almost unbelievable is the fact that the two radio personalities who dominate the airwaves on KSSK radio in normal weather and assume the mantle of EMERGENCY BROADCASTERS SUPREME during blackouts, earthquakes, storms and floods ARE LEAVING THE ISLANDS BEFORE THE STORMS ARRIVE!!! My Hawaii friends may vaguely remember my emergency communications website that has been critical of KSSK's performance during emergencies over the years . The basic complaint is that this highly-rated broadcasting duo simply moves their weekday morning enterta