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Tsunami Arrives! Series of Dramatic Photos Shows Strong Outflow, then Waters Return

12:20 pm HST Update At approximately noon HST, the stationary camera overlooking Hilo Bay (shown exclusively on KGMB-TV) showed a strong outflow or "sucking out" of the bay's waters below a bridge over to Coconut Island in Hilo Bay. Less than two minutes later, the water flow had slowed and stopped.... ... and within a minute, an inflow had started. The ebb and flow of the bay's waters was obvious in the station's coverage. This pattern has continued for the past 20 minutes. 11:25 am HST Update Sailboats, tugboats with barges and all manner of other vessels are flowing out of Honolulu's harbors into the relative safety of open ocean. Tsunami waves, if they arrive, are expected to simply lift vessels a bit if they're distant from shore, but if caught in a harbor where the waves peak, they could be dashed to pieces. Also, the media have been told to leave the vicinity of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Zone, which as we noted immediately below is within