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Keeping this Discussion Alive: Clear Channel GM Defends KSSK, Still Backs Entertainment Format

As expected, the manager of Clear Channel’s stations on Oahu defended KSSK’s performance during the recent tsunami alert in response to our commentary in Pacific Business News . (If you want more along the same line, see our January 2009 PBN commentary .) Unfortunately, Chuck Cotton brushed us off and did so with such dispatch that he asserted something untrue in his second graf. I haven’t called myself a journalist for decades – not since I stopped reporting for KGMB-TV. I’m a consultant, as clearly stated at the end of my PBN piece. My status aside, what have real journalists said about KSSK’s performance during emergencies? Here’s part of an editorial published by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on December 29, 2008 that reflected on the emergency response to the island-wide power outage three days earlier: “The designated emergency broadcast radio stations, KSSK-AM and its sister FM station, should receive credit for transmitting during the blackout. “However, information tha