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Reason Prevails! Sacramento Homeowners Can Show Their House to Prospective Buyers Without Permanently Vacating; COVID-19 Order Barring Open Houses Still Stands

Once again, Citizens prove their worth in Helping Officials Respond to Emergencies – the essence of CHORE.
For the past two weeks, Sacramento County’s COVID-19 health order stipulated that “all showings must be done ONLY in permanently vacated houses.”
Our reaction mirrored the position of the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® – that if left to stand, the housing market would tank, and sellers could be threatened with financial ruin.
Who buys a house without walking through and inspecting it?
As alarmed sellers, we contacted Dave Tanner, the Association’s CEO, who encouraged us to lobby the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors (we wrote to all five of them) as well as the County Health Officer. 
Tanner’s email to us said, We sincerely appreciate your support of our efforts.  It is good for them to know that it’s not just REALTORS® wanting to ask for the help. Best wishes to all of us.”
We ended our email to the County Health Officer as follows:
The terms of the order that sellers and bu…